Rohan gotobed

Rohan Gotobed is an actor, writer and director from Dorset. He is about to begin studying on the world-leading MFA in theatre directing at Birkbeck, University of London. Previously he has served as Vice President for both Minotaur Theatre Company and UEA Drama Society. He has been a member of the National Youth Theatre since 2017 and was part of the 2019 NSDF Festival Company.

For Coast to Coast:

Play Before Birth, Last Night in Europe (Empires), Nowt as Queer as Folk and About Lester.

Theatre (as a writer) includes:

Union and Vienna (also director - Minotaur Theatre Company)

Theatre (as a director) includes:

60 (UEA Drama Society), Dear Johanna (Maddermarket), Gender TroubleCustard (Minotaur Theatre Company) and Henry V (Shakespeare Schools Festival).